Just for Men


Grooming Services For Men

Shampoo, Cut and Style      $30 and up
Junior Cut (K-6)      $25 and up
Color Blending      $35 and up
Highlights      $30 and up



Based on European massage techniques, these full body massages help soothe and relax tired muscles and stimulate circulation. You will have the feeling of well being and relaxation. We also offer deep tissue massage for tension and muscle fatigue. Although this massage requires more pressure the massage is designed with your comfort level in mind.  An additional charge may apply.

30 min.      $58
60 min.      $78
90 min.    $110      
Hot Stone Massage  
A Swedish massage that uses smooth heated basalt lava stones to create a combination of heat and pressure.  A hot stone massage is great for deep penetrating relief from muscle tension and is great for relaxation.  
60 min.      $88
90 min.      $120
Chair Massage  
20 min.      $35
Infrared Sauna  
An infrared sauna helps muscle tension release prior to your massage and promotes relaxation.  It will increase blood flow, reduces muscle spasm and removes toxins, helps to reduce swelling, inflammation, and soreness in the body.  This is a great add on to any service.  
15 min.      $15
30 min.      $30
Advanced Foot Massage  
Relax  and refresh your entire body as you enjoy a foot treatment that works on all nerve endings in the bottom of your feet.  You are sure to feel relaxed!  
20 min.      $35



Men's Facial Services

Revitalizing Facial  
A quick introduction into the world of facials.  Your skin will feel renewed.  
30 min.      $58
Corrective Facial  
This treatment is designed to address facial problems and to keep skin healthy looking.  
60 min.      $78
Back Facial  
30 min.      $58



Waxing For Men

Waxing is a great way to eliminate unwanted hair. If you are using Retin-A, Accutane, or Differen, please make your service provider aware.

Eyebrow      $17
Back and Shoulder      $50 and up
Chest      $45 and up
Legs      $80 and up
Arms      $65
Half Arm      $45


Nail Care For Men

Hand Detailing      $26 and up
Foot Detailing      $46 and up
Paraffin Treatment      $22 and up
Collagen Treatment      $22 and up